The national Association of Desk and Derrick Clubs (ADDC) and the Desk and Derrick Club of San Angelo (DDCSA) have long and rich histories.

It all began with the establishment of a club in New Orleans in 1949, followed by clubs in Mississippi, California and Texas.  Articles of Association were drafted in January 1951 and on July 23, 1951, the Association of Desk and Derrick Clubs of North America ("of North America" was later dropped from the name) was formed with signing of the Articles of Association by the Presidents of clubs in New Orleans, Louisiana; Jackson, Mississippi; Los Angeles, California; and Houston, Texas.

The ADDC establishes and maintains an office in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  For complete information about this organization, go to www.addc.org.

The name "Desk and Derrick" was selected to illustrate the flow of information from the derrick, representing the technical, scientific and mechanical phases of the industry, to the desk, representing the transfer and commuications of data and knowledge.

The ADDC is divided into seven regions in the United States and Canada with a total of 57 clubs.  The DDCSA is in Region V.  Other clubs in Region V are located in three states. Texas clubs include: Abilene, Amarillo, Midland, Pampa and Wichita Falls.  New Mexico clubs are in Artesia, Hobbs, Farmington and Roswell.  California clubs are in Bakersfield and Long Beach.

The DDCSA was organized in March 1953 with a charter membership of 32 individuals and it received its Affiliation Certificate with the ADDC in August 1953.  The club meets every month, and at least nine meetings a year are directly related to the energy industry.

Hundreds of hours of education have been provided by the DDCSA for members through monthly meetings covering virtually every aspect of the industry.  Special study courses, seminars and workshops have been provided.  Personal growth opportunities are offered each year, which include Regional meetings and the ADDC Convention. 

In 2013, the DDCSA won the ADDC 2013 Special Achievement Award for outstanding service to the energy industry and contributions to the ADDC.

DDCSA Past Presidents:1953, Odene Crawford;1954, Justine Gerlind; 1955, Betty Carlisle; 1956, Pat Smith; 1957, Irene Bass; 1958, Sara Shepperson; 1959, Louise Johnson; 1960, Mayme K. Daniel; 1961, Lillian Brown; 1962, Bernice Cleere; 1963, Lola Hoyt; 1964, Edith Conner; 1965, Mary White; 1966, Ruth Beckham; 1967, Billie Belcher; 1968, Etta Collier; 1969, Pat Wiley; 1970, Bernice Cleere; 1971, Maureen Kirksey and Pat Smith; 1972, Maureen Kirksey; 1973, Lola Hoyt and Wanda Churchwell; 1974, Jo Harris; 1975, Marie Crook; 1976, Billie Belcher, Carolyn Mayo and Sylvia Reding; 1977, Rebecca Camp; 1978 Albina Phillips; 1979, Marie Crook; 1980, Betty Drew and Ginger Hudson Price; 1981, Kay Cox; 1982, June Tadlock; 1983, Ruth Wheeler; 1984, Elaine Ullrich; 1985, Judy McGaughey; 1986, Carol Wilson; 1987, Darolyn Moore; 1988, June Tadlock; 1989, Della Skelton; 1990, Sharon Harriss; 1991, Jan Williams; 1992, Ruth Wheeler; 1993, Brenda Lewellen; 1994, Carolyn Richard; 1995, Marueen Kirksey; 1996, Darolyn Moore; 1997, Annette Paschal; 1998, Tracey Bredemeyer; 1999, Marge Tinney; 2000, Sharon Harriss; 2001, Sondra Orr; 2002, Carol Wilson; 2003, Diane McAda; 2004, Sondra Orr; 2005, Ruth Wheeler; 2006, Ruth Wheeler and Sondra Orr; 2007, Marsha Carrell and Sarah Entzminger; 2008, Candice Upton and Sarah Entzminger; 2009, Gloria Perez; 2010 and 2011, Kristi Buckingham; 2012, Sondra Orr and Ruth Wheeler; 2013, Rene Peckham;2014-2015 Tiffanie Black; 2016 Candice Brewer

Last year, the Boss of the Year Award recognized all members' bosses.

The 2013 Derrick Dazzler Award, which recognizes a member or members for outstanding service, was given to all members. 

The ADDC recognized Rene Peckham with a Special Achievement Award "In recognition of her generous and distinctive contributions to the Association of Desk and Derrick Clubs and personal participation in the development of its educational purpose."

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