“When I joined the Desk and Derrick Club of San Angelo in 1980, it was because I knew it was an educational organization and I wanted to learn more about the oil industry. I have learned, thanks to the many talented speakers, field trips, and seminars on subjects too numerous to mention. I soon realized that education isn’t the only important benefit -- it is the lifelong friendships that are made in this club. We are fortunate to be a club of dedicated and talented members, and I would encourage anyone who is eligible to come join us.” 

- Areta Robinson

 “In my short time as a member, I have enjoyed the programs and opportunities to meet others in the industry. I strongly encourage all who are in this field of work to join.” 

- C.R. Sproul

 “I joined the Derrick Club of San Angelo in 1997 to learn about the petroleum industry in a very informative, professional, and enjoyable setting. It has been a wonderful learning experience. When I joined the club, I knew absolutely nothing about the industry. It has been a privilege to learn from the qualified speakers as well as from the diversified experiences of the members. I cherish the knowledge and the friends I have gained during this process.” 

- Sondra Orr

 “I have been a member of Desk and Derrick for 35 years.  The friendships, the knowledge and the opportunities to grow professionally have been extremely rewarding.  Being a part of the Desk and Derrick Club of San Angelo has been an awesome experience.” 

- Ruth Wheeler

 “I’ve learned a lot about the energy industry, and I’ve made new friends who share this mutual interest. I highly recommend the DDCSA for anyone who works in this field, or to anyone who simply wants to be better educated about the energy industry.” 

- Rene Peckham

 “I joined the Desk and Derrick Club of San Angelo 10 years ago after attending its Industry Appreciation Luncheon. At the time, I was new to the energy industry and didn’t know much about it. Of course, I knew my job and what it entailed, but wanted to learn other aspects of the industry. Not only have I learned a lot, but also I have met some wonderful people along the way. While the Club has opened the door to business opportunities, the friendships formed along the way have made joining one of the best decisions that I have ever made.” 

- Sarah Entzminger
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